Are you ready to heal and align back to your higher self?

Are you tired of feeling like you are held back in life with living the life you've dreamt about? Tired of feeling darkness within you and your life, and wanting real change?  Desiring to feel a deeper connection to your higher self within, where freedom from all forms of suffering lies for us all? 


Does your mind hold you back from living your best life?

1. do You suffer with Depression, PTSD or have triggers in your life?

5. do YOU feel there's blockages in your life that hold you back from greater success?

6. do you lack inner confidence or do you desire to feel purpose in your life?

2. Have you been made to feel not worthy or good enough in your life?

3. do You find you self-sabotage in your life? you suffer from any form of trauma that you never fully healed from yet?

What if I told you, I could give you real change with just 3 hours of work?

Hard to believe? I personally would have said yes it is, if you would have asked me this question before my near death experience in February 2018.  My three hour session is compiled from 27 years of my work in healing my life in many ways, spiritual and non spiritual experiences. Freeing me from all six points mentioned above, plus more! I give back real transformation to the person who is ready to let go of the past, as we healing through the experiences I went through that were crucial to restoring me back to the pureness of the beautiful light being that is in each of us.

Today in my life, I've been transforming lives globally. Freeing people from the unknown lower energies that has always been holding us back due to our past experiences of suffering. Leaving us with stored energy that is holding each person back who has not done the right deep healing work to free them from their past.  When healing everything from the past while using the pureness of Divine Light Energy through my sessions, it has given each person who have been 110% open, honest, and vulnerable, freedom from the lower energies that has held them back. 

Imagine Healing the Suffering you lived through

 After 40 years in my life of suffering in many ways with many addictions, having twelve suicide attempts, self sabotaging my life, feeling worthless, not feeling good enough, having no self-love, suffering with severe depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, severe ADHD, carrying shame and guilt from the past, narcissistic behaviors, triggers that would ruin any relationship, all have been healed in my life. Today, being completely freed from all and living my life through my higher self. Now having an abundance of love, joy and happiness in my life, inner strength and confidence, and feeling the fulfillment of purpose! It is now here for each of you, the freedom within.

Or Stopping defeating self Thoughts

Through my personal experiences with the other side I have a clear understanding on what is the root cause of self defeating thoughts. Not only is it from the conditioning of your past experiences to shape and mold you during your time as a child and teen, but there is energy from the other side that also plays a part in holding us back. I'm gifted to heal those energies for those who desire this freedom of defeating self thoughts. Freedom is possible but only if you are ready to heal your life!

Do you desire for more self love ?

Can you look in the mirror and truly say you love the person you see in the reflection? Or do you find you put yourself down being your own biggest verbal abuser within your thoughts?  Completing  my three hour session you will find the meaning of unconditional love for the beautiful soul I know who is deep within you. Waiting to be freed from the conditioned mind we all live through, now finding this beautiful and unconditional love for ourselves.

What to expect In a Transformation Session

Personal & confidential

Since starting with psychological therapy since 1995 and have continued ever since when ever it was needed for help along my path, I deeply understand confidentiality when being vulnerable with openness and honesty. I take pride in all people who have seen me to feel safe when going through my healing sessions.

1:1 virtual calls

The beautiful gift I'm able to give back is that my sessions are strictly through webcam. Meaning I work world wide in healing souls with bringing people back to the light within them, through the comfort of your own home. Everyone can be healed through my two hour session no matter where you live! 

three hour session

This session is up to 3 hours of my time. I deeply and passionately care about transforming your life in healing you and restoring you back in alignment to your higher self.  Most people for this session are laying back on the comfort of their bed, so they feel completely relaxed through my guided healing session. 


After healing the darker layers that have held you back knowingly and unknowingly, for two days after the session a person may feel very emotional. The freedom you will experience is an emotional process when healing the darkness that you have carried within you after all these years.

Restoring you Back to inner Freedom

Freeing Your Soul 
$499 CAD | add 3 coaching calls for $499

The greatest honor and blessing in my life has been restoring souls back to the pureness of the powerful and beautiful being that has always been within you. Feeling the aliveness of fast moving energy of unconditional love for yourself and life moving forward. Relieved from the conditioned human mind that you have been living in due to past suffering, now realigned back to the aliveness of your inner being of light!

See what other's are saying


I was guided through a healing session by Jeffrey, who has mediumship powers that are truly a gift from God. Moving forward, I'm really caring towards myself and now having more energy then I ever had before.
It was truly transformative!


Thank you for using your incredible gift to help me. You gave me access to my self worth again by doing the work you do and it's making me just flourish. I'm now so excited about my life. Thank you so much!


I used to be my biggest abuser and allowed others to abuse me because I once thought that was love. Since our session, I felt a shift within myself of self-love and self-compassion. I feel I'm now able to be more authentic in my relationships.

Discover What You're Able to Walk Away With

1. peace of Mind, body, & Soul

4. abundance of joy, Happiness, self-love & self-worth

6. healed FROM all PAST EXPERIENCES of suffering

2. Freed from past triggers

5. inner strength and confidence with purpose

3. Freed of shame, guilt, hate & resentments of the past 

Are you ready to live life to its fullest?

There is no better time then now! Why suffer any longer with not living your best life?  Now having an abundance of self love, self worth, feeling confidence to your core of knowing that you can be anything and do anything your heart desires. It's time to smash down old false beliefs that have been holding you back and healing the unhealed energy from the personal experiences of your past, which will bring you to the freedom you may have always been searching for within!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know this will work for me?

Are you truly ready to face your past? Are you ready to be completely open and honest about your past with someone who has been there because you desire so deeply to heal from all that caused you pain in life? If so, all you need is to be vulnerable with me and I will guide you through the gentle process that will instantly free you. 

how does the session work?

You will be at home on the comfort of an open space to lay back down on, most use their bed, and I will guide you to your inner being of light. This is the state of presence where your soul lives through meditation, as I use high frequency energy that will leave me and connect with you, vibrating and healing all of where you have suffered in life of its stored energy.

what is the pillar of light?

I've learned to master for healing purposes Divine  Light Energy that comes from the higher dimensions from our main power source of energy. It will stream down into me, as this powerful light will leave me entering into you to heal you.  I've learned how to amplify the frequency, vibration and power, to become very powerful in being able to heal all darkness that causes all souls to suffer.

what if i've never meditated before?

That's ok! I do all the work in keeping you in a state of presence. This could be your first time of any form of meditation but I will guide you through out the whole process with being present in the moment. When doing my session have no fears just show up and be ready being 110% vulnerable with sharing your past and I will guide you to freedom by the end of the two hours! 

Still curious?

I'm here to help you on your journey! If you're still wondering if this is for you, reach out for a free consultation.