Spirits Transformational Healing Session

During the first portion of the video call session, you share about your struggles or challenges you have been facing in your life, where you feel held back. I then guide you to the presence of your inner being of light, through a meditative state. While you are present in the moment, I send a very high frequency of energy that I refer to as, Divine Light Energy. This is the highest frequency of energy from our home on the other side that I have learned to work with.

This beautiful energy will then flow through your body and the vibration removes blockages that will hold a person back to living their best life. During this state, you are in the comfort of your own space on your bed at home and I coach you through releasing and letting go of all bad karma you carry from this life and past lives, that have been unknowingly affecting your life in holding you back. Instantly after this session, there's a release with feeling lighter within, now feeling more confidant and with more inner strength to be the best version of yourself, as you move forward in life on your higher path with instant transformation.

Also, leaving each person with beautiful life-changing experiences from the light moving through them to heal stored energy of inner suffering. If a person struggles with mental health challenges, this session will also provide help moving forward with anxiety, PTSD, or depression in healing you, as I am gifted to heal the darker energies that have been unknowingly affecting your life, due to painful past experiences  lived through in life. This is part one of two healing sessions I perform in helping you to reach the paradise within us all, that I'm able to give back today.

Freeing Your Soul Session

During this portion of the session, you share about your struggles or challenges you are facing within, where you feel you are being held back in life. I then guide you to the presence of your inner being of light, through a meditative state. While you are present in the moment, I send a very high frequency of energy that I refer to as, Divine Light Energy, the highest frequency of energy from our home on the other side that I have learned to work with.

This beautiful energy will then flow through your body and the vibration of it removes blockages from the power of its light, which will hold a person back to living their best life. During this state, you are in the comfort of your own space and I bring in three Archangels you have an experience with, Micheal, Uriel, and Azrael. Each doing an important job of holding space to bring you the feeling of support of unconditional love to do the first healing portion with not feeling any judgment from myself or from the great beings of light, helping you to release all shame and guilt of the past.

The first healing that is done, I bring you back to when you were first born and we work our way up through the years until today's date, voicing out the hurt and pain that was done to you by others with each experience in life. Then, voicing out loud the shame and guilt of remorse you carry within of what you did to another and to yourself. With each experience you voice out loud, the high vibrational frequency of energy that streams from me to you will heal that experience and no longer affect your life moving forward of not feeling worthy within, on a very deep level, as my inner being of light coaches you on letting go of that experience as well.

With every personal experience we live through in life since birth of good and bad, it leaves a residue of its energy that stays a part of us. It is very important with my work that all experiences of the past of pain a person has lived through, is healed by allowing Divine Light energy to turn the hurt and pain residue into love by its light. This experience has been life changing for every single person who has completed my session. After completing this portion we move on to the second part, healing your inner child.

We go back to the time before all the hurt and pain happened in your life and you build a relationship with your inner child in a space you create. Bringing much love and support to the hurting child that has lived within you through this experience. We bypass all the years of experience you lived through of hurt and pain, allowing the true being of who you are within (your inner child) to express yourself fully moving forward with the pureness of love, joy, and happiness, that we can feel from within ourselves.

The last healing we perform is healing your heart space. In doing this I bring in more beings of the highest vibrational light of unconditional love, and Gaia, with more energy of nutrients from the earth, and they all play a part in helping to heal and flush out all the emotional pain stored in the heart.

Once this is done, a person feels completely freed from all that has held them back in life energetically, mentally, and emotionally, instantly. Leaving you speechless for the powerful and beautiful experience you just went through. Feeling and knowing your inner light within now shining through with much more love, joy, and happiness for yourself and for life.

Now able to manifest greater things into your life with more doors that present itself with new opportunities. Feeling a much higher level of self-love and self-worth moving forward without the fears once living with.

A person HAS to FEEL and BE 110% ready to be open and honest with facing the past in voicing out their secrets of the past or I will not work with you. You will not receive what it is I offer of instant transformation if you believe you can hold back experiences knowingly. There is only unconditional love and support through my sessions with feeling completely in a safe space in working with me. Have no fear with my sessions because they are here to set you free from the shackles we place upon ourselves and carry within.

I am here holding the key to set you free and all you have to do is be ready and reach out for this session. Once completing both parts of healings sessions during the session, if a person chooses, I bring in a past loved one into your space, to have a beautiful experience of feeling their energy with physical contact and also with one of the Archangels, in feeling them by touch as well from the power of the light within them. Now moving forward understanding the connection we all have in connecting to the other side to help you in your life.

Also, you will receive a email 7 days later to see how your transformation has been throughout the week. Any realizations that come up for you we talk about to help in moving forward on your path, having the extra support in helping you to thrive even more in your life.

STHS & Freeing Your Soul Pricing

This is a 3-hour session of completing part one and two healing sessions, Spirits Transformational Healing Session and Freeing Your Soul Session. Removing all energetic layers of past experiences of suffering that a person has lived through, which has been holding them back from manifesting the greatest things into our lives. Now able to live fully in the light moving forward after completing this packaged deal.

I will guide you back to the pureness of your inner light, aligning you back to your higher self with having an abundance of love, joy and happiness moving forward. Also feeling more unconditional love and self worth for knowing you have always been perfect just being you. 

3 hour session - $450 CAD


Divine Light Energy Online Class

Discover the value that my Divine Light Energy Online Group Class will bring to your life. Here are just a few reasons to join us!

- Learning and finding a newfound love of self-love and self-worthiness for each person, giving you great confidence to help you in living your life's purpose.
- I perform a healing session for the class in removing the vibration to release bad karma from my students, due to past experiences of remorse and also towards those who harmed us while using Divine Light Energy.
- Learning what it means to be present in the moment where our inner being lives and to go through an exercise to understand it.
- Learn how to consciously feel and to shift your body of energy around that lives inside your physical body through an exercise.
- Learning how to process the energy of anxiety, anger, and stress to no longer suffer in the mind. Also, learning how to overcome the fears in our lives.
- Learn how to connect to the higher frequencies of Divine Light Energy through an exercise.
- Learning how to ground ourselves.
- Learning how to raise too high frequencies by working a muscle in our mind and going through and exercise.
- Learning how to live through the consciousness of your body of energy (your true self) will uplift your life no matter where you are today.
- Go through personal experiences with an Archangel in class through an exercise and how they can be used to amplify the power of the Divine Light Energy.
- Learning how distant energy healing really works.
- Learning about the help we have with connecting to great light beings on the other side who are in the angelic realm, leaving each person with proof from personal experiences they go through during class.
- Learning through an experience with my personal guided meditation on how to connect and use the strongest form of energy (Divine Light Energy - Source Energy). Teaching on how we heal ourselves (physically, or emotionally) and others by using this high-frequency energy, as we go through what has been life-changing experiences, for those who have taken my class.
- Participation with classmates from around the world on sending this beautiful energy from one and another. Learning and understanding the true power of Divine Light Energy.
- There is a weekly Sunday group session after class, Divine Light Energy Healers Continued Development Group, for those who wish to continue their learning and growing with past students, as we continue to learn and grow with higher beings of light from the angelic realm, who are a part of those weekly group sessions.

My Promise? If you are open-minded to learning new information to help improve your life, I promise you will leave my class with personal experiences that will change your life from there on out. Now living your best life with your newfound connection to your true being, that will guide you to help you live the life you deserve.

Requirements To Make The Most Of It

- The desire to truly want to know who you are inside the shell of bodies we live in.
- Being fully open to learning and putting all you know aside for your own personal gains to learn what I can teach you.
- Zero distractions for up to 7 hours where ever you are during class time in your background. 0 animals around you during class as they are very sensitive to the energy you are connecting with. (Timing depends on if at max 10 students per class to be 7 hours in length, with breaks)
- Only have a small meal before to not feel bloated and no caffeine before class.
- Be on time as I come on 10 minutes before class starting time.
- Bring pen and paper to write down notes.
- Download ZOOM and it's free to download on the computer is best if not you can on cell phones but you won't see the whole class at the same time as you can on the computer. Have video and audio ready to be apart of the group experience.
- Zero refunds if under 24-hour cancellation from class starting time.

$350 CAD


Distant divine Light Healing Energy Session

This 30-minute healing session through video calling is for healing emotional suffering or those suffering from any form of chronic or non-chronic physical pain issues, this includes your pets as well. I have you in the comfort of your space at home and I guide you to the inner presence within yourself, then allowing high-frequency energy, Divine Light Energy, to be amplified through me, to flow through you in healing your heart or the root of your physical suffering.


Full Body Massage With Divine Light Energy

This is a 30-minute session done in the comfort of your own home, as we connect through distant healing. I will have you in a comfortable space feeling nice and relaxed in the comfort of your space at home, as we are on a video call. I will guide the high level of Divine Light Energy to heal you from head to toe while having you in a cocoon of unconditional love and support with Archangels for this healing experience. Bringing more clarity to your life with a new fresh mindset of positivity after completing it. Also, leaving your body feeling revived after removing unwanted energy from a person's mind and body. I look forward to being a part of giving you this beautiful personal experience.

$75 CAD


Spirits Intuitive Coaching Session

Looking to move past roadblocks in your life? This 60-minute video call session is a coaching call in helping a person overcome a challenge faced within their life. Using my intuitive gifts along with a 10-minute Divine Light Energy healing at the beginning of the session, to bring clarity to each person's life who reaches out. Now learning what was needed to overcome that challenge.

60 minutes - $150 CAD

Reviving Love For Couples

This is a package of 3 coaching sessions total. Two 60 minute sessions, as I will work one on one with each of you and then one 60 minute session with you both together through video calling, finding that spark again before it's gone forever. You will receive Divine Light Energy from me to help in bringing clarity to what needs to be done at the beginning of the session, in helping to move forward to bring that love back if truly desired by both.

180 minute - $450 CAD

Spirits 3-Month Coaching Program

In my 3-month program you receive ten 60-minute sessions with coaching to live through the true being within. Freeing you from the false beliefs that have held you back from living the life you have dreamt about. Visioning who you truly want to be and the life you want, working together to get you on the path to inner success which will lead to the outer success within in this world.

You will receive my Divine Light Energy Online Class and both sessions STHS & Free Your Soul Session. You will also get a healing card reading weekly.

All 10 sessions also come with Divine Light Energy healings at the start of our sessions. There is also a mandatory email check-in once a week to make sure you are on track!

Now that I live fully in the light of life, it's with great honor and a privilege for me to show others the way to a paradise that is within all of us. With much self-love, self-worth, joy, happiness, and confidence moving forward with direction, living on our higher path of great purpose!

$2500 CAD