Discover The Value
& Power I Bring To Distant Healing

All my work is done through distant healing sessions, as I work with the higher frequencies of energy that I'm also teaching in my life today.  Reach out and book a session to have the experience of a life time for your healing needs. 


Distant Divine Light Healing Energy Session

This 30-minute healing session through video calling is for healing emotional suffering or those suffering from any form of chronic or non-chronic physical pain issues, this includes your pets as well. I have you in the comfort of your space at home and I guide you to the inner presence within yourself, then allowing high-frequency energy, Divine Light Energy, to be amplified through me, to flow through you in healing your heart or the root of your physical suffering.



Spirit Healing & removal


During this video call session, I will heal  lower beings that are attached to the person who is suffering. If a person can feel lower entities in their home I can heal and remove them as well.

Full Body Massage with Divine Light Energy

This is a 30-minute session done in the comfort of your own home, as we connect through distant healing. I will have you in a comfortable space feeling nice and relaxed in the comfort of your space at home, as we are on a video call. I will guide the high level of Divine Light Energy to heal you from head to toe while having you in a cocoon of unconditional love and support with Archangels for this healing experience. Bringing more clarity to your life with a new fresh mindset of positivity after completing it. Also, leaving your body feeling revived after removing unwanted energy from a person's mind and body. I look forward to being a part of giving you this beautiful personal experience.


Full Body Massage with Divine Light Energy

Healing | Workshop & Transformational

This package I have put together is designed to heal all suffering your soul has lived through, which causes a person to have challenges within themselves where they have deep struggles for their life. You receive my 3 hour transformational healing session. 3 coaching call sessions after your transformational session for continued success with a helping hand. Last but not least, my workshop. Teaching you how to connect to the higher powers to heal yourself and the power to higher frequencies of energy to heal loved ones from a far or in your presence.

$1111 CAD


Are You Ready To Heal Your Pain?

There is no better time then now! Why suffer any longer with not living your best life?  If you are suffering in physical chronic pain or have been going through a hard time through emotional suffering, then give my powerful transformational distant healing sessions a try!

 I've been giving instant transformation to people all over the world with those who desire my connection to the higher frequencies of energy. Also, if you feel like you have energy attached to you that is not your energy,  or in your home causing you grief , then reach out! 

See What Other's Are Saying

Before the session, I was struggling with guilt, depression, and just sorrow from a divorce. During the session, I felt electricity running through my body with waves and waves of light behind my eyes. Right after, I felt happy and the black cloud had left me.  Day and night difference! 




Things I've noticed a week since our session. I'm a lot calmer, I have a lot more energy, and things aren't bothering me as much. Disappointments, discouragement, or dread, a lot of those negative emotions seem to have been lifted!

Reach out to Jeff, that man knows his stuff! My life has been changed and I feel like a new man. I feel like I have so much weight lifted off my shoulders, I have so much energy, so much drive, and motivation to take on the world and concur it now! 

Ready To Invest?

I'm here to help you on your journey! To revive your soul back to feeling at peace and freed from the struggles and challenges you have been facing on your path. All you need to do is to desire my gift and make a booking so I can be a part of your path in guiding you to healing.