Discover The Value Of New Tools & Knowledge You Will Gain From My Workshop 

Have you been desiring to learn new tools to amp up your tool belt if already a energy healer ? Have you been desiring to learn how to use energy at all if new to this beautiful field of work? Look no further, as I am teaching new experiences to connect to the higher frequencies of energies from beginners to reiki masters!


The Five Steps To Understand, Connect & Use Pure Source Energy

1. Learn what it means to be present in the moment through an exercise to understand your inner truth of being.

2. Learn how to connect to feel your higher self in your body through an exerise of feeling your inner body of light energy

3. Learn how to ground ourselves before connecting to the highest frequency of energy.

4. Learn how to raise to the higher frequencies by working a muscle in our mind and going through that exercise.

5. Be gifted through my guidance to the attunement to the main source of all that is after going through my exersises

Divine Light Energy Workshop| Level 1 |
Attunement To Pure Source Energy 

Divine Light Energy Workshop | Level 1 |
Attunement To Pure Source Energy 

What To Expect From My Workshop

After learning and going through these exercises my students are then ready for my guided mediation to connect to the highest frequency of energy, through an experience with my personal guided meditation on how to connect and use the strongest form of energy. In this space, I attune all students to the truth of all that is.

Learn how to process the energy of anxiety, anger, and stress to no longer suffer in the mind. Also, learning how to overcome the fears in our lives by using Divine Light Energy.

I perform a healing session for the class in removing the vibration to release bad karma from my students, due to past experiences of pain and suffering and also towards those who harmed us while using a Pillar of Light directly from the source of all that is, which helps to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and to feel you are worthy. This is a gift I give all my students which is taken from my transformational healing session.

Learn about different forms of help we have with connecting to higher light beings on the other side who are in the higher realms, leaving each person with proof from personal experiences they go through during class of a new deep found love.

You will receive a recorded copy of the guided meditation “Connecting To Pure Source Energy ” that I’ve created, so that you can continue to have instant access to the highest frequency of our source of energy until you remember the steps on your own.

You will receive a recorded copy of the guided meditation “Connecting To Pure Source Energy ” that I’ve created so that you can continue to have instant access to the highest frequency of our source of energy until you remember the steps on your own.

Teaching how we heal ourselves (physically, or emotionally) and others by using our main source of energy and the many other sources of energy we have access to, as we go through what has been life-changing experiences, for those who have taken my class.

Learn how to live through the consciousness of your body of energy (your higher self) will uplift your life no matter where you are today.

Go through personal experiences with higher beings of light consciousness in class through an exercise and how they can be used to amplify the power of Divne Light Energy.

Participation with classmates from around the world on sending these beautiful energies from one and another. Learning and understanding the true power of Divine Light Energy.

divine attunement

the suffering mind

releasing bad karma

Connecting To Our Main SOurce of Energy

guided meditation

inner presence

the angelic Realms

practice makes perfect

amplifying energy

power of distant healing

Level 1 - Divine Light Energy Workshop

Attunement To Pure Source Energy
$555 CAD

If you are open-minded with desiring to learn new information to help enhance your gifts of healing power to become a very powerful  distant energy healer, then my promise is you will leave my class with personal experiences that will change your life from there on out. Now having gained new tools and knowledge you have not learned before to become that desired powerful energy healer.

Reserving Your Seat For The Next Workshop

To reserve your seat of limited seating, there is a non-refundable deposit of half cost and the rest must be paid in full by the date when class starts. Outside of Canada, I use PayPal for money transactions and if in Canada through E-transfer. Reach out and save your seat, as it is a max of 10 students per class on the last Saturday of each month.


to truly want to know and to have the deep desires to go through experiences to connect to higher energies

Only have a small meal before to not feel bloated and very little to no caffeine before class. 

make sure to have zoom downloaded which is a free to use for video calling for cellular or computer.

Bring pen and paper to write down notes.

Zero backgorund distractions during class time.

Are You Ready To Rise To Higher Heights?

There is no better time then now! If you desire to rise to more power that can be granted to all those who desire and seek to become more powerful, then this workshop will be right up your alley!  To show you the power of distant healing to give instant transformation is my goal for my students. To understand you have the same power as healing someone in person, as to having someone half way across the world and healing them. This is a gift I wish to give each student that joins me on my path to learn, grow and evolve to higher heights from my teachings. 

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One of the greatest joys in my life is being able to give back all I have learned from my teachers of evolved light on the other side. In just one class, I can bring all people to the same higher energies to become very powerful energy healers. Your attunement awaits you!