My Mission & Purpose

About Me

My mission is to heal those who are suffering physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to wake up those who have not awoken to the true being of who they are within, a powerful being of light. Also, my purpose is to teach those how to connect to the highest frequency of energy that can be obtained, Divine Light Energy. Using this high frequency to heal ourselves of emotional suffering and physical pain and teaching how to instantly heal others of their suffering all through distant healing work.

In my healing sessions, I have each person relaxed in the comfort of their home while on a video call. I guide them to their inner being of light through meditation while they stay present in the moment during the whole session (where the true being of each person lives). I then stream in the highest frequency of source energy and continue to amplify it during our session to heal the vibrations of energy that has been holding a person back. During this time, I coach the soul's consciousness in this state for whatever they are searching for in releasing them from not living their full potential in life. Taking all my spiritual awakenings that completely transformed my life and I have turned them into healing/coaching sessions that have transformed each person's life who has reached out to me. Taking pride in my work on how each person feels safe to be vulnerable in working with me, as my work is 100% confidential with absolute zero judgment, only of unconditional love to heal each soul no matter how bad the past was or wasn't. I give 110% to each person for any of my sessions, as that is all I ask for in return for working with me, in order to have an instant transformation for each person's life.

My Approach

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Transformation & Healing

I work with those who desire transformation and healing, seeking to free themselves of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain.

Who I Am

My Personal Journey

Get to know me, my personal stories, and my moments of truth. Learn about where I came from, what I've been through, and how I've triumphed.


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