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About Me

As a young boy, I grew up being made to feel that I was different from everyone else. All throughout my childhood years, I was treated poorly by my teachers and felt beaten to the core due to the severity of my ADHD. Each year I was bullied by students and it left me feeling terrified at school while I got punched and pushed around. At home, and from a young age, I dealt with ongoing verbal abuse from my father who was emotionally unavailable. As a child, a teenager, and an adult, it left me without hope of self-love or self-worth.

Thereafter, I battled my way through multiple suicide attempts and 5 mental health illnesses. After life-changing personal experiences of spiritual awakenings and a near-death experience, I was spiritually awakened and transformed from each one! I now give back by providing distant healing through Divine Light Energy enabling the healing and elimination of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering. 

Transformation, Education, Healing & Coaching

You deserve to live life fully! Give yourself the gift of freedom through Divine Light Energy. Find the session, class or program that aligns with you.

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You deserve to live life fully! Give yourself the gift of freedom through Divine Light Energy. Find the session, class or program that aligns with you.

Transformation, Education,
Healing & Coaching


Kind Words

Nancy N

I was guided through a healing session by Jeffrey who has mediumship powers that are truly a gift from God. Moving forward, I'm really caring towards myself and now having more energy then I ever had before. It was truly transformative!

Kady R

Jeffrey has the ability to see beyond and tap into the spiritual and emotional needs of who he works with. I've taken his "Divine Light Energy" course and find his meditations insightful along with so many other healing benefits. His work is needed in this world!

Kimberley P

Thank you for using your incredible gift to help me. You gave me access to my self worth again by doing the work that you do and it's making me just flourish. I'm now so excited about my life. Thank you so much!

Heidi K

Jeff was able to heal a demonic attachment through extremely high frequency of Divine Light Energy. Since the healing session I'm no longer feeling the fear, exhaustion, or being on a emotional roller coaster anymore that I once lived with.

Kyla C

Before the session I felt like I was in a shell, I didn't have a voice. I felt like I never knew my own identity. Immediately after the session I felt I had my voice back and my strength back. I am now able to stand up and be proud of who I am!  

Melissa H

Before the session I was struggling with guilt, depression and just sorrow from a divorce. During the session I felt electricity running through my body with waves and waves of light behind my eyes. Right after, I felt happy and the black cloud had left me.  Day and night difference!

Amy G

I was suffering with a lack of self-love, I had a lot of anxiety, and I suffered with a lot of insomnia. Immediately after the session, I no longer suffer with insomnia, I feel much lighter, happier, and at peace. It has helped my family moving forward as well.

Chantal L

I was feeling lost, lonely and having an identity crisis. During the session I could feel this tremendous energy going through my body. After the session I felt lighter and happier. Waking up the next morning, I felt refreshed and smiling. I feel great, like I have my life back!

Daphne M

Before the session I was feeling lost, my vison was cloudy and really down. While he was doing the session I could feel the fog lifting from my vision. Since the session, I've been able to really focus on what I need to get done. I'm not scattered, I feel lighter and I'm accomplishing my goals!

Kim S

Things I've noticed a week since our session. I'm a lot calmer, I have a lot more energy, thing aren't bothering me as much. Disappointments, discouragement, or dread, a lot of those negative emotions seem to have been lifted!

Debb D

Right after our session I felt lighter, This weight was lifted off of my shoulders of trying to help everyone else and not seeing what I truly needed. All the burdens I was putting onto myself, any guilt I didn't know I was carrying, it's gone, it's completely gone!

Melinda G

I used to be my biggest abuser and allowed others to abuse me because I once thought that was love.
Since our session I felt a shift within myself of self love and self compassion.  I feel I'm now able to be more authentic in my relationships.

Jocelyn C

Before the session, in life I felt unworthy and unwanted. I used to describe myself as broken and other's have said that to when walking into a room. Since the session I no longer feel this way anymore. There's hope that good things going to happen! 

Carol E

I was in a space where I felt I wanted to self harm again.
After the session I was feeling much lighter and thought, wow I can't even believe those thoughts crossed my mind. My depression has been a lot better since the session. 

Andrew M

When I used to look at the light within my self, there used to be a hurt, I'm not worthy. But now since our session when I look at the same light within myself, I feel nothing but gratitude and that pain is not there anymore.

Chris J

Reach out to Jeff, that man he knows his stuff! My life has been changed and I feel like a new man. I feel like I have so much weight lifted off my shoulders, I have so much energy, so much drive, and motivation to take on the world and concur it now!

Dallas B

My lower back has been distroyed since my body building competition. During the session I could feel him working my muscles in my lower back without even touching me. Immediately after the session my back feels phenomenal! Now there is no pain!

Chad C

Jeff was amazing. He touches your heart and soul and can connect with you in ways you cannot imagine. He is a healer like no one I have ever met as the kind of man who gives back as he does. He's God sent and a true healer.

Kim B

I instantly felt warm, safe, and supported by his words and energy. He offers the opportunity for communities to be healed and brings true healing to others. Thank you for lessening my time to be healed and start healing.
I am so thankful for you. Lots of Love

Theresa H

The healings that Jeffrey provides are so powerful. Through his guided meditation, I experienced such calmness and warm light during the session. He holds an incredible space for healing, no matter where you are at on your journey. 

Joanne M

I did his video replay on the healing session and Oh My God. Before I did it, my knees and legs were so painful as I could hardly walk due to arthritis and after the session I jumped up and went outside and mowed my lawn. Thank you. I will definitely be back for more. xoxo

Michelle V

 I wanted to tackle my chronic pain. After our session, I felt some of my pain release and by the next morning my pain was completely gone! I am amazed and super excited. Let it be your gift to yourself, you deserve healing!!

Pat D

I felt pulses of energy flowing through my body and the pain in my back melted away. I felt completely relaxed and energized afterward.

Patrick M

I have only done the healing video repeats so far and my back pain has been relieved from 10 to a 3 which is amazing for such a short time.

Deb K

 I have been dealing with chronic pain and fatigue for years. The session was very calming and relaxing. I felt like I was floating. The next morning the heaviness was no longer there and I felt much clearer, with more purpose and confidence in my decisions.

Devon B

During the session, I could feel strong energy around me and made my arms and hands have a sensation with energy going through them. The next day I felt even better and the weight of bad energy has been taken away. I think what Jeff does is amazing for people.

Renee A

I suffered from emotional pain and Jeff's sessions put me in a place of peace. I felt hopeless and depressed. I don't feel that way anymore and I know it's because of Jeff's amazing gift to heal people. I recommend  The Canadian Healing Medium because if I can be healed anyone can.

James H

 I was a little bit skeptical but I had an enormous knot feeling in my shoulder and I could barely lift my left arm. It went from so painful where I could barely lift my arm to that night being 100% better.

Desiree M

Jeff is amazing! His commitment and integrity will make you feel immediately comfortable. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for months. After only one session, I had regained a significant amount of mobility and my pain was gone. 100% recommend!!

Chris T

I felt a warm tingling sensation enter my lower back, and it felt like the pain was pushed up and out. I stood up and couldn't believe it, it was gone!! Completely!! A true miracle!!!

Rebecca P

I have been suffering from addiction and I don't feel the need to want to use anymore. He actually helps you, you should try this.

Anita T

In less than an hour, Jeffrey helped me identify my self-sabotaging behaviours that I've been trying to correct for years. With his guidance, I came to realize what self-love really meant and felt like. I've since learned how to honour myself, permanently! 

Courtney L

I’ve noticed that I am incredibly level headed despite having been in high stress situations and experiencing PTSD triggers. My ability to think through the fog clearly and compartmentalize the emotional response has been an incredible shift.

Jessica F

Jeffrey is one of the most inspirational healers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a magnetic beautiful energy.

Vernon R

I now feel myself being happy, thank you for the change in my life. It wasn't a coincidence we met, it was meant to be. You're going to change a lot of peoples lives. Again, I want to thank you, you made a friend for life.

Annette P

I highly recommend Jeff that needs healing for anything that they are dealing with in life.
THANK YOU Jeff for what you have done for me and so many others out there! You are truly a healer!

Elisha P

Amazing and genuine !!!!!!! Truly 100% recommended.

Scott B

Would recommend anyone who is struggling with the past or with mental health. Please do check out his page.
I can't thank you enough.

Sabrina C

After my session, literally all my fears and guilt have subsided and haven't retuned. I've experienced so much personal growth in the time since I've had the experience of working with Jeff. 

Megan U

The session was very calming and relaxing. He made me feel comfortable and safe to share my thoughts and feelings with him. After the session, over the next few days my anxiety subsided.

Kim S

I am getting a lot of healing, clarity, confidence, energy, and even clearer direction for my life. Jeffrey has been a big blessing in my life.

Julie L

Jeffrey is very easy to talk to. I have been having issues with my knee. During the session, I felt a tingling from head to toe and feeling light-headed for a short time. My knee feels better today with a lot less pain.

Courtney B

If you are looking for greater peace, freedom, and are ready to be 100% honest with yourself, look no further, Jeffrey will guide you there.

Taylor E

I had a healing session with Jeffrey last night and today I feel fantastic. I emotionally feel happier and motivated. I woke up with more energy and clarity. Definitely feel more at peace.

Layla M

I recently had a healing session with Jeff. I was at peace and so relaxed. The next morning I woke up refreshed and had a glow about me. The experience I had was healing for both body and mind. He is educated in his field and I would highly recommend!

Tara S

Jeff is a positive influence in reinforcing self-awareness and self-care. Has a gracious heart and is very helpful.

Adrian L

I highly recommend Jeff for a session. His knowledge and understanding about what I am going through greatly helped me moving forward in my relationship, giving me an insight on how to be more mindful of my actions in certain situations that I was unaware of before.

Candice M

The session was extremely relaxing and at the same time, emotional. As I listened to his voice and let him do his magic, I came back to a place of peace. I had my angels back.

Crystal R

Working with Jeff today was incredible. I received the guidance and support that I needed, along with a lot of insights about how I can continue to grow as a person, and in my relationships.

Stephanie R

Jeffrey is a genuine healer. I’ve had the pleasure of watching his journey as a healer for about a year now. He loves what he does and does it out of the goodness of his heart.

Jeffrey B

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to follow Jeffrey, reach out to him because he has incredible gifts. Tomorrow will be one week since my session and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best weeks in an incredibly long period of time.

Davin F

I highly recommend Jeff. I had a healing session with Jeff and have been dealing with some physical pain, anxiety, and stress. After the session, I immediately felt more calm, focused and the pain had already improved.

Bonnie. E

Once you speak to Jeff, you will immediately feel at ease and safe. Jeff is also very quick thinking and smart as well as resourceful. You will never regret calling upon his services.

Dallas B

I saw jeff the other day for a visit and mentioned pain in my traps. He did a healing on me and my trap and is feeling great. I will definitely be going back.

Rhea H

With my first experience with his healing session, it was indescribable, but the best way to describe it is, literally felt the weight and worry and anxiety lift away from my mind and physical body.

Daysha H

Jeffrey really opened my eyes up to the world around me. If your feeling stuck, non-accepting of yourself or past experiences, or maybe feeling completely alone, Jeffrey can truly help you.

Kimberley A

Jeff is very positive and encouraging. He has been very helpful through his life experiences, stories, and guidance. Reach out to him, he’s there to help in whatever way he can.

Darren S

Got into a dark place 3 months ago and reached out to Jeff for help. I have never done this before or admitted I needed help but I can say in the last three months he has helped me by leaps and bounds.

Rachel W

With Jeffrey's encouragement, kind words, and wisdom I started sticking up for myself. I am so happy. I now feel so loved and so confident.

Latoya E

I have grown so much mentally, emotionally and a little physically. I have gotten stronger as a woman from the fragile girl I once was only 2 short months ago.

Ronel S

He gives good advice always.

Vernon R

I can say honest to God my life is changed after only 3 meditations. Thank you God, and thank you Jeffrey for answering my text.

Staci W

I always put others before myself and Jeffrey is very helpful in helping me to stop and to start thinking about me first. Thank you for your kind words, quotes and stories.